Caring for your Female Dog after the Birthing Process

Pregnancy can take its toll on mothers.

Although most will get through it and be perfectly fine, there are certain things as owners that we can do to prevent any health issues arising, and just make things that bit easier for mum as she adjusts to all the changes at this time.


Goes without saying, but clean fresh water at all times is a must.


Mum is producing milk for a number of babies as well as trying to feed herself. Food with increased energy and also a high protein food is what’s recommended.

Vaginal discharge

It is normal to have a reddish vaginal discharge after labour, this becomes abnormal if it looks like pus, if it smells, if there is a large amount or if it continues for longer than three weeks.

Mammary Gland

It is essential to check the mammary tissue and nipples at least once daily for signs of infection. Mastitis can lead to a very sick mum unable to feed her pups. (Signs: Redness Pain Swelling). Contact your vet if any of these are apparent.


Removing soiled wet bedding and replacing it with nice towels and blankets will keep mum and pups warm and reduce chances of infection.

Bowel movements

It’s not uncommon to find that your pooch has a bout of diarrhoea after giving birth. Stress, increased food and possible placenta consumption is thought to be some of the causative factors, this should subside after a few days.


Often a female’s coat can shed and become quite thin during the post whelping period, so brushing is advised, and remember if she’s outside in a garage, she may need an extra heat source!


also known as milk fever is something to watch for, it’s seen most commonly in very good mothers producing a lot of milk. Restlessness and muscle tremors are seen first and can develop into seizures. This is a true medical emergency and requires IV calcium
from the Vet.

There’s lots we can do for our post-parturient canines, but most of all, some TLC is what’s needed!

We hope these tips help you to help the new mum during this period.

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