Seaweed Collective

Blue Pet Co. is a proud member of The Seaweed Collective

A gathering of like-minded people, companies and partners who are committed to making an impact on the world we live in via a newer and better way of living in harmony with nature.

The members of our collective include Mother Nature, of course, the source of the functional marine ingredients in our range of human and animal products. Nature provides an Ocean bounty which can be infinitely sustainable only if we intentionally and sensitively work with the cycles and process that nature has evolved over millennia. The Seaweed Collective has the knowledge and skills to do exactly this.

We accept the oceans gifts humbly and gratefully and apply some of the best minds in the world to transform them into a range of functional supplements for our pets.

We work in partnership with a community
of seaweed harvesters

We work in partnership with a community of seaweed harvesters dispersed along the length of Ireland’s Atlantic coastline. Along with generations of their families, they have been harvesting seaweed by hand for centuries. Sustainability and security of supply is embedded in their harvesting practices, and harvesting locations are rotated on a 3-5 year cycle to allow seaweeds to regenerate and regrow. This practice has been in place for hundreds of years, long before sustainability became part of the global conversation it is today. 

The Seaweed Collective produces a platform and portfolio of functional marine ingredients from seaweed stocks that are sustainably cultivated and harvested each year along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Its deep, crystal clear waters are warmed by the Gulf Stream to provide one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated, clean, and sustainable  ‘manufacturing facilities’, dwarfing anything that mankind can offer up.

The Seaweed Collective’s teams of scientists use clean technologies and state-of-the-art biology and biotechnology to develop the marine ingredients and bespoke formulations which underpin the Blue Pet Co. range of canine supplements. 

Everything we do is for the
benefit of our Pets and the Planet

All of our products within the Blue Pet Co. ranges are fully committed to principles of sustainability, and the primary goal of making a positive impact on the planet that we’re privileged to inhabit.