Our Ethos

All that we do should
benefit our planet

All that we do should benefit our planet and the communities that we engage with and operate in. We believe in changing the world a little bit each day, and making it more inclusive, ethical, sustainable and fairer to all the stakeholders in our business – from supplier to customer.

In producing nutritional supplements that support the wellness of your dog, we are transparent, honest and fair.

Our decisions are informed and led by state-of-the-art knowledge, science and technology. To ensure that our business leaves the planet a better place, we consider nature and the environment as key members of the Blue Pet Co team – we listen, we care, and we respond.

Central to our ethos is the concept of a Circular Economy,
which is one that’s conceived to:

Design out waste and pollution

Keep materials and products in
use for a longer product cycle

Regenerate natural systems,
thereby creating a range of environmental benefits

This goes way beyond the notion of sustainability, and takes a long-term approach to how we utilise, manage and protect the resources that nature is kind enough to create. The principles of a Circular Economy are not add-ons to our company strategy but are central components that give us clarity of purpose in all that we do. For example, they impact directly on:

the materials and services that we procure

the products we produce

the plant, property and equipment we use

our use of water in a circular manner

our use of renewable energy sources

the selected packaging components

We Harvest and We Grow

Circular Economy

We Harvest & We Grow

Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource with a wide variety of wild organic seaweed species growing in abundance along the Irish Wild Atlantic Way. The seaweeds utilised to create Blue Pet Co.’s high- purity ingredients and extracts are organic are sustainably hand harvested to ensuring regrowth and ensure the delicate seabed goes undisturbed.
Blue Pet Co.’s ingredients are manufactured in line with Origin Green protocols, Ireland’s food and drink sustainability program, which enables the food industry to set and achieve sustainability targets and continuous improvement.