Fun for ALL the family

Fun for ALL the family

How are you going to keep your best friend entertained this Christmas?

Here at Blue Pet Co, we know how important it is to keep our dogs happy, so we have put together a few ideas on how to amuse your dog over the festive period.


It’s an obvious one, a golden oldie, but always a winner for your energetic dog population!


These come in all shapes and sizes, you can fill them with treats or even your dog’s own dinner, letting them figure out how to retrieve these foods will provide some challenging fun!oming frustrated.

Cardboard boxes/Plastic bottles

Enrichment can be made from anything you find in your household, just keep a watchful eye, and remove any plastic tops!

Trick Training

This can be a super enjoyable for both you and your pet. Keep sessions short and positive with rewards for their efforts!


Again, a classic, not for everyone (or every breed) but lots get great craic out of this simple game.

Snuffle Mats

Much like a Kong, a snuffle mat is an exercise working on your dog’s scavenging skills. Bought or homemade snuffle mats, both work a treat!


Licking is a behavior which can reduce stress in dogs. By smearing some pet peanut butter on a lickey mat or toy they can get hours (or minutes) of fun. Another option is a freezer bag, filled with with some water or low salt stock, and a few treats, freezing this and giving it to your doggy, again, will give your pet an amusing new challenge!

Meet a ‘pet’ pal

Just like us, hanging out with friends is a great option for our social canines. Other dogs can provide a different type of play to your dog that we just can’t replicate, so this type of socialization is a great option.edia.

Sand pits

Especially if your dog is a digger, hiding treats or food in the sand for them to find is another way to spend some of the day.


Enrichment should be challenging but not frustrating, make sure to give your dog an appropriate level of difficulty!

We hope you are having a great build up to Christmas, and that you can implement some of our ideas over the next few weeks!

We wish you a Furry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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