Wellness for your dog

Wellness for your dog

Kicking off 2023 in a healthy way BUT don’t forget about your dog!!

‘Wellness’ has recently become a hot topic amongst us humans. Both our mental and  physical wellbeing is of top priority, especially as we enter into January, and turn over that ‘new leaf’.

This idea of wellness is, as we all know, absolutely essential for us to thrive and not just survive, but it’s just as important for our canines friends! Looking after their mental and physical well-being is something that often in the hustle and bustle of life can get slightly overlooked! So, here is our top tips for a happy and healthy New Year!


Get out that vaccine record book that may need to get dusted off….. your vet will have filled in when the next “booster’ vaccine is due. Keep your pets vaccines up to date to avoid them falling ill with deadly diseases that are SO easily avoidable!

Worming/flea treatment!

Depending on what age your dog is or what product you use, your doggie could be due treatment monthly or every 3 months. Consult your vet for your dogs required regime.


We all know the meaning of “look good feel good” , same goes for pets! You don’t need to fork out the cash for an expensive professional groomer.  By brushing and washing your furry friend at home you’ll keep them looking dapper and feeling comfortable.

Oral hygiene!

Daily brushing is what’s recommended but can prove quite difficult when its put into practice. Luckily there’s other ways to help…. Using products which mechanically clean their teeth or have active substances will keep their teeth shining. Our supplement ‘Go Smile’ does just that!

Mental Health

is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of ‘health” in our pets. They too can suffer from depression, anxiety and other disorders, just like us. Luckily, our dogs are very easily pleased and entertained, and sometimes a little TLC from us is all they need and want.
Find what makes your dog tick! Whether its long beach walks, 20 minutes of belly rubs, chilling by the fire or being entertained with a favourite toy or doggy game. This mental stimulation and enrichment is key to keeping our best friends in tip top form.but lots get great craic out of this simple game.


This can really play a huge role in wellbeing. Our pets love being part of family life and part of the fun! But, equally, having a space they feel happy, comfortable, quiet and zen is so important. This might be a favourite corner on the couch or a hideaway in the backroom.


Our dogs NEED interaction or stimulation. Socialising your dog to different people, places, sights, sounds and even other dogs will give them just what they need.

We hope you find some of these tips useful, and we wish you, and your doggy’s, a very Happy and Healthy New year!

We wish you a Furry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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