Fighting Dog Halitosis: Understanding Causes & Solutions

Why does my dogs breath smell so bad?

When our dogs are showering us in “love” by giving us those lovely wet kisses, it can sometimes be over shadowed by that fairly intense smell that goes with it. So, what causes this smell? As most people know one of the main causes is dental disease, but although this is the most common cause it is not the only one. There are many diseases and health issues that cause that smelly breath – also known in the veterinary field as “halitosis”.

Some causes are:

like plaque build up, tooth root abscesses or gum infections can all contribute.

Dogs chew on all sorts of things that can get lodged in their mouth and end up causing some unwanted smells.

Some toxins like plants can cause a rancid odour in our dogs mouths.

when the kidney isn’t functioning right, the toxin urea builds up in the blood, this can lead to bad smells in your dogs mouth or sometimes mouth ulceration.

Again, if this organ isn’t functioning right, toxins can build up as they aren’t being excreted, and can cause halitosis.

These can be found in dogs of all ages but more commonly in older canines. As tumours grow, they can become infected and tissue within begins to die and create a malodour.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things that can cause that unpleasant waft of air you get when your best friend gets up close and personal, so if you smell something nasty, you’re best to get it checked by your vet!!

Dog dental sticks for healthy teeth and gums

But with dental disease being the most common cause, there are a few things we can do to help prevent it! GoSmile™ being one of them. GoSmile™ works in TWO ways to help stop dental disease, mechanically removing plaque as your doggie chews, and also uses it’s active ingredient phytodent to reduce plaque formation..

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