Gum Disease / Periodontal disease

Prevention is better than cure!

Plaque build up


Periodontal disease is infection and inflammation of the tissues that surround the teeth.
Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and is the early form of periodontal disease.


This is caused by bacteria in the mouth and the body’s own response to these bacteria!
Plaque is a sticky colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth.
When plaque isn’t regularly removed, it can accumulate minerals from saliva and harden into a yellow-ish substance called tartar.

Photo: Plaque build up


Removal of the bacterial plaque on the tooth surfaces can reverse gingivitis, returning the gums to a more healthy state. This is done by a registered Vet performing dental scaling and polishing with power instruments under general anaesthetic. Sometimes in severe cases surgical extraction of teeth or further treatment is required.


Plaque removal and plaque control

  1. Toothbrushing daily – difficult
  2. Diet – mechanically remove plaque but also can contain ingredients to reduce oral bacteria

Factor which effect:

Intrinsic: Genetics, age, tooth crowding.

Extrinsic: diet, oral hygiene, stress, disease 

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