Osteoarthritis = Degenerative joint disease


The cartilage found in our pets joints may degenerate over time, leading to loss of joint movement and, in many cases, pain. Thinning and breakdown of cartilage within the joints leads to changes in the underlying bone. We then see bony outgrowths and a build-up of fluid within the joint.


There are many different causes of joint degeneration. Trauma, infection, malformation during development, or the body’s own immune system!


Some of the most common signs of OA are lameness or limping, muscles wasting away, and swelling at the joint.


Some of the options are:

  • Medical: Weight loss (if required), Controlled exercises, Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS -long term these can cause gastrointestinal upset).
  • Surgical: Joint fusion, joint replacement, amputation.

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