The Itchy Dog

‘Pruritus’ is the medical term used to describe itching. Pruritus is a clinical sign found in many different skin disorders, such as infections, parasites, and most commonly skin allergies.

Often when pruritus is present, we see it along with other symptoms or clinical signs, such as, redness, inflammation of the skin, hair loss and scabs. It can often lead to a secondary infection within the skin, because the dog breaks the protective barrier of the skin when they are scratching, which in turn, worsens the pruritus!


The most common causes of an itchy dog are: Flea allergy dermatitis, Food allergy dermatitis, Sarcoptic mange, Allergens in the environment (atopic dog), and pyoderma (skin infection).


This totally depends on the cause and so it is essential for you to bring your canine to the Vet. This is so they can begin to try and pinpoint the problem, and start a treatment plan. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to do this, and it can involve a lot of different tests and treatments, and so skin issues can be a frustrating problem for both owner and vet!
Some issues are easily cured like infections and parasites. Some issues may require intermittent treatment for the rest of their lives, for example those sensitive to environmental allergens eg. pollen, will often require allergy injections on a seasonal basis.


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Flea/Parasite control

It is essential that you have a antiparasitic program in place. Together withj your vet you can decide which treatment/drug is most appropriate as different parasites are found in different countries.


The most important thing with any diet is that it is of good quality. Dogs with a suspicion of having a food allergy (often caused by certain proteins) will go onto an ‘elimination diet’ to figure out what the cause is. The Vet will usually recommend a diet with a ‘hydrolysed’ protein source, i.e. the protein is already digested and so it won’t cause a reaction.

Only 20% of itchy dogs have a food allergy and so changing the diet for the other 80% isn’t going to cure the itch, BUT nutrition does play a role in maintaining the protective barrier of the skin.

Dog supplement for shiny coats

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