What’s the one thing a pet owner can do that will make the biggest difference to their pet’s health?

This question could be answered in so many different ways. I am a Vet so it sounds as if I am being biased here, but, to be totally honest THE most important thing you can do for your pets health is to bring them to their annual Vet check-up.

When you receive that reminder text that an “Annual check up” is due, even if your doggie is in absolutely flying form, I really encourage you to still bring him or her to their appointment.

Vets are trained to spot health issues way before they become a big problem. Prevention is always better than cure. At your pet’s annual health check, as well as getting the usual vaccines, wormers, and flea treatments your vet will go through each body system ( for example, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, nervous system and so on) during the clinical exam and will ensure nothing is out of the ordinary.

This vet visit may end up saving you big vet bills down the line, and even in some cases saving your pets life. So, although it can be a hassle when we are all living such busy lives, I really can’t stress enough how important it is to make the time for this appointment once a year.

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