Preparing for Dog Birth: Essential Tips for Expecting Canine Mothers

Top tips to prepare for whelping!

As Mothers day is around the corner, here at Blue Pet Co we thought it would be a good time to look at some best practices just before the time your dog is giving birth. This can be a stressful time for both dog and owner so going into it with a little extra knowledge or advice can help keep things running smoothly.

Feeding mammy:
Don’t forget that mum isn’t just eating for one in the lead up to birthing, especially the last trimester when pups do most of their growing, or in the aftermath when enough milk must be produced to feed her newborns. Too much or too little food for mum can cause issues. Her dietary requirements change during the course of these weeks so be sure to discuss this with your Vet.

Prepare a nesting area:
Nesting is one of the first signs your dog will be giving birth soon.
Having a nice cosy quiet area where mum can relax and give birth in peace is essential.
Allow her to get accustomed to this area from about a week or so pre (estimated) due date.

Healthy mums pass on their immunity through colostrum to their newborns so by vaccinating mum pre-birth you are protecting her pups too. Again, a pre-labour Vet health check is advised.

Be prepared:
Giving birth isn’t the tidiest of occasions…., having lots of old towels or sheets to hand to help with the cleanup is definitely a must.
Know what to expect: Reading up on the birthing process and its 3 stages will give you a whole lot more confidence when faced with the actual labour.

Hopefully it isn’t needed, but unfortunately issues can arise around labour.
Having your vets emergency number to hand is hugely important.

Know when it’s happening!:
In an ideal world we would have exact predicted due dates, But obviously this is a rarity, and so make sure you make yourself familiar with signs of labour. (Restless, shivering, nesting, panting, pacing and even vomiting)

We hope everything goes swimmingly in the run up to your dog’s birthing process.

Congratulations to any new doggy mums out there and of course,
Happy Mothers Day!

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